Together As We Age


Our priority will always be you!

Our Place is a community activity and resource center designed for adults 50+ who want to have fun, be active,
stay healthy and informed.

Our Place is located inside the First Westminster Presbyterian Church in Steubenville, Ohio and provides a social atmosphere where members can enjoy socializing, nutritional lunches, exercise classes, line dancing classes, craft classes, cards, support groups, educational classes, a café, Bingo, chair volleyball, entertainment, holiday celebrations, information on local services for older adults and much more.

Our Place is self-funded and relies on local donations, memberships, raffles and grants.
Membership is $25 for the first year.

Our Place will follow the requirements and guidelines of the Ohio Administrative Code for Adult Services and the Jefferson County Health Department.

Our Place... acting your age is optional!

Nutritional Lunch

Nutritional lunches are promptly served starting at 11:15 am until 12 noon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Lunch is by reservation which is required by Thursday at 11 am the previous week you wish to attend. Meals are $3 per person. Enjoy fellowship, conversation and a meal with longtime friends or make new ones!


Bingo held at Our Place is not a fundraiser and is solely for entertainment and socialization purposes. All monies collected from the sale of Bingo cards are awarded in the form of prizes to the winners...and on rare occasions to a few of the losers! Sharpen your concentration skills as you relax and enjoy friendly competition with others. Good luck!

Exercise Class

Exercise classes are led by an experienced instructor and consist of a program of low impact movements mostly from a seated position or using your chair for support for standing exercises. Over time, these classes will keep you from losing muscle tone as you age while also increasing your flexibility. As you remain active you will notice an increase in your balance, strength and overall energy and also make lasting friendships. We will be adding various styles of exercise classes. Dress comfortably.

Chair Volleyball

Chair Volleyball is played indoors and no Steubenville sand is required! The game is played similar to traditional volleyball with each team having members playing from a seated position on a smaller sized court than regular volleyball. The net is positioned lower as well due to the seated positions of the players. Benefits of Chair Volleyball are gaining upper body strength as well as more mobility in one's joints. It also builds muscle tone and hand to eye coordination. It becomes a great way to exercise and remain active without realizing you are doing so, all while having fun at it!

Line Dancing Class

Line dancing classes will teach you easy, fun and exciting moves as you dance in unison with the group, all while sneaking in some needed exercise. Your body's balance will improve with time as well as your physical and mental coordination. Line dancing requires no plan to join in to boot, scoot and are optional!


As you put the pieces of the puzzle together, you are also adding new pieces to your life in making friends and building relationships. Research has shown that working on puzzles aids with short-term memory while combating cognitive decline, which can reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Craft Class

Your artistic talents are just waiting to be released in our Craft classes! Join in with others for a myriad of craft projects as you socialize and display your creativeness with others. Crafting also helps keep your mind sharp as you are more relaxed and learn to follow directions. Don't worry about making "mistakes" as each person's creation is unique and will quickly become a priceless family heirloom in no time! Class space is limited. Please register on the touch screen.


Calling all card sharks! Whether your group will play Euchre, Crazy Eights, Rummy, or just good ol' Go Fish you will be fighting off depression, fine tuning your math skills as well as concentration. Playing cards will reduce your stress level and you will make cherished friends all while having fun. Laughter, fellowship and inspiring teamwork are reasons to get involved. Don't know the rules of a game? Card players are known for their patience and will quickly teach you how to play.


Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a cold drink or snack in the cafe. It is a hub of activity where you can relax, laugh and catch up on all the news of the day while renewing old friendships and creating new ones...all in a safe environment.


Thank you! Our volunteers are amazing and are so appreciated. The following are some areas that may interest you: Greeting members and visitors. Leading tours of Our Place. Assisting with the preparation, setup and cleanup of lunch. Providing assistance to those who need a little extra love. Assisting with setup, decorating and cleanup of special events. Promoting the sale of tickets for events or raffles. Sharing your talent with other members by leading a class (crafts, hobby talk, educational class). Volunteering is proven to enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence while being productive and helping out your community. You will obtain a great sense of pride knowing you somehow brightened someone's day! Please see a team member to become a volunteer!

Holistic Wellness Exercise

More to Come!

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Parkinson’s Support Group

Meets once a month for those with Parkinson’s and those providing care. It is a self-help group where you can connect with others, learn, and exchange coping skills. The group is a motivational tool that inspires and improves self-esteem. Members feel understood and accepted. “Knowledge is power, community is strength and positive attitude is everything." -- Lance Armstrong, Parkinson's Survivor

Dealing w/Loss & Isolation

Pam Cox 

What age group is Our Place designed to help?

​​​​Our Place is here for older adults 50+ to navigate the next steps in their lives.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes.  There is an annual membership fee of $25.  Our Place is self-funded and relies on local donations, memberships, raffles and grants. 

Do you need to be a member of First Westminster Presbyterian Church?

No.  Our Place is a community outreach program supported by First Westminster Presbyterian Church to help the older population remain engaged, healthy and informed. 

What are the hours of operation?

Our Place is currently open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 am until 2 pm with plans to add additional days as more services are created.

When and how do we make reservations for lunch?

Lunch is by reservation which is required by Thursday at 11 am the previous week you wish to attend. You may reserve by using the touch screen or by calling 740-520-0120 press option 2 and leave a message.

Is there a charge for lunch?

Yes.  Lunch is $3 per person to help cover the cost of food.

What is the phone number?

The phone number for Our Place is
740-520-0120, follow the prompts.
  • 235 North 4th Street, Steubenville, OH 43952

Together As We Age

Our Place is for older adults to be supported, included, safe and informed. It will be well known as the hub of resources, education and wellness.  It will also connect older adults to community agencies and events to maintain an independent and fulfilling lifestyle while helping others.
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Cynthia R. Morris - Administrator

Manages team tasks & operations

Judy Owings - RN, BSN, MSN Health Educator

Leads health education

In Memory of Michael Bozzelli - Communications

Grand Opening June 6, 2023

Grand Opening June 6, 2023


Herald Star 04-29-2023


Our Place Activity & Resource Center 50+ Says Thank You


Letter to the Editor to thank all participants of our Grand Opening.

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